Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sales Reminder and Other News

Just in case anyone is checking, my special sales section will be changing in approx. 72 hours. If there is an item you wanted in the sales section, you had better order by then. New items will be available for sale and it might be a new design offered too. Working on getting some new designs loaded and up on products soon.

CafePress has started an affiliate program. It is still in Beta mode, but is now open for more people to sign up. If you are interested in being an affiliate of Corgis & Other Critters or just of CafePress, please see their Affiliate information/sign-up area. I should be offering some special banners soon for those interested in being an affiliate to Corgis & Other Critters.

My first newsletter will be going out in the next day or two. I have a few members signed up and if you want to find out about a 'special' special sales section, you need to sign up. Yes, I am offering those who choose to get my newsletter a extra special deal. The newsletter will only go out every month or two. I do not believe in spamming and will only use the newsletter to share news and special deals. Much like this blog, but it could be a little more informational in the newsletter.

As always, I am looking for feedback. Please let me know if there is something you like, however you want one thing changed a little bit. I can do some customization at no charge. I will let you know if your request cannot be filled (only a few rare cases).

Oh, before I forget! If you are looking for Welsh Corgi items or other canine ones, please check out my small selection of other CafePress shops. There are some very talented people out there offering very unique designs.

I also have been working with CorgiAid. I have been helping redesign their CP shop and working on some designs just for them. You can visit their store to find some special items or you can shop my store via this link-->Corgis & Other Critters and they will earn a 20% commission from the prices charged.

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