Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Shop Sales Section

I am offering a cut on prices on select items. The items will change from time to time. I am open to shoppers making suggestions on those items they would like to see come up for sale. Send me an email or leave a message in my guest book. (To clarify things, CafePress does their own sales which I will have a banner up to publish this information. )

What is on sale? I have chosen two new items , the cotton cap and framed tile as well as the large mug. Corgi Butts, Cardi Butts and Both Corgi Butts are the designs on these items. Sale prices are only good in the Sales Section. Please check this section first to find out if something you want to purchase might be on sale.


Check back often something special could show up for a short time sale!

(Extra special sales will be available to newsletter subscribers. Check your Corgis & Other Critters newsletter for more information. Next issue coming out soon.)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


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