Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Colleen's Critter Creations Update

For those who are interested in knowing why things have been so quiet at Colleen's Critter Creations, there were a few different issues that happened in the late fall and early winter to keep me from being creative. Some were personal and others kept designs from being created and uploaded.

The good news is progress is being made again. I finally decided to get a new computer to handle the programs and storage of the designs being created. Thanks to a 'computer doctor' who helped save a lot of work not backed up when the old computer started to 'croak' on me, I still have my templates to work from to help in creating new/updated designs.

I have started uploading designs at a few select places and may get back to uploading at CafePress again soon. The first designs I concentrated on were Cardigan Welsh Corgi related. As I really wanted to have some Cardigan Christmas designs up and was not able to get uploaded in time for the holiday, I decided they were the first to be updated and uploaded.

If you want to see the latest Welsh Corgi designs, you will have to visit my Zazzle shop. I also hope to have some of these designs up my CafePress store soon. There are some new greeting cards designs up at my Greeting Card Universe store. It has been slow going, but I am slowly getting back up to speed.

And to those who have signed up for my newsletter, I hope to have an issue come out by the end of the month. I have to retool something that I was hoping to have up and running before we started 2008.

Thank you for stopping by,