Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Newest Products and Designs!

Some more good news coming your way! We have new products to work with and more should be coming out every month or two. Check the side bar on the main page. There you should see a rotating display of new products and some new designs.

I am starting to gear up a bit for Christmas. I have become like the department stores that drive me insane. We have not even had Halloween yet and here I am getting ready for Christmas! I have two different ornaments designed and have plans for some other items.

Please drop me a line or leave a message in my guestbook for any suggestions you want to make. If there is anyone who owns a red/white Pem and a brindle Cardi and wants a Got Corgi Fuzz item, and they let me know about their 'kids.' I am more than willing to put two different butts together if you like the Got Corgi Fuzz design. Just think of the possibilities, having a special product related to your own corgis.

I am in the process of updating all my designs. Please check back to see what changes are made. Hopefully there will be something for any corgi lover to enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Updated Designs-->Soon to be on Products!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Other Corgi and Canine Shops

Looking for Welsh Corgi related images on a variety of items? Whether you are looking for yourself or a gift for someone else, below is a selection of many different Welsh Corgi shops worth checking out.

Maybe you want to find Welsh Corgi items and possibly another breed? Here are shops providing more than just Welsh Corgi designs.

CorgiAid Store  Find the CorgiAid logo on a variety of items.  Also offering some other Welsh Corgi images on items.
CorgiAid is a non-profit organization that provides financial to independent Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue groups for those corgis and corgi mixes needing medical attention. You can visit their shop that offers a variety of items available. You can also visit our shop via the link below which gives 20% of sales directly to CorgiAid.

Corgis & Other Critters Shop with Welsh Corgi related gift items and more!  Come n See!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Big News For Little Shop

Considering I have been on the revamp things path and really looking at advertising avenues, it was a very nice surprise this past Friday. As my main shop Corgis & Other Critters focuses on both Welsh Corgi breeds, I was asked to donate some items for the 2005 PWCCA National Specialty Volunteer Raffle. I could not have gone out and received better exposure. I have just ordered the items that should be on their way shortly into the hands of the requester. I am also updating my business cards and making a special flyer for the event.

Wonder if you can feel my smile over the 'net waves. I am very happy to help and in turn I hit part of my core audience. Thanks to the new affiliate program that CafePress is developing, I am also looking to help out some dog rescues, particularly the Corgi rescues. As an affiliate, if a rescue group signs up and links to my shop, for every sale I make due to them sending traffic my way...they will get 20%. What makes it even more fantastic, the program is free to sign up as an affiliate. I am in the process of doing some ground work to get started on this new adventure too.

I am also busy working on a project for a friend. So far, she is my biggest "Special Request" customer and it appears my greatest asset in the 'word of mouth' advertising. I may have more work thanks to Paula.

Here is examples of the special PWCCA design I came up with for the event:

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welsh Corgi Webring Information

Welcome! Are you interested in joining a webring which focuses on both breeds of Welsh Corgis? Do you wonder what the guidelines are to join? Please see below for details.

Welsh Corgi Places of Interest Webring
  • Purpose of this ring:
    Provide information on either breed of Welsh Corgi and provide places to shop for items which feature Welsh Corgis in some way.

  • Who can apply? To join this web ring you must:
    - Have a web site with some 'Welsh Corgi' content, and
    - Your site's content must be original, well presented and not contain only a bunch of links. - Commercial site may join as long as the focus is on "Welsh Corgis."

  • What about breeders sites?
    - I am reluctant to admit any breeder sites unless they contain educational "Welsh Corgi" information, they will be accepted at the Ringmaster's discretion.

  • Who can't apply?
    - Sites which appear to be puppy mills or promoting the sale of puppies above anything else.
    - Sites containing profanity, bad vibes or pornography.
    - Slow-loading sites, your site's pages must load within 30 seconds (on my PC).
    - Sites with automatic pop-up windows displaying advertising material.
    - Sites containing gratuitous animated GIFs, gaudy backgrounds, slow-loading Flash graphics and sloppy site design.
    - The decision on whether a site is acceptable or not rests with the Ringmaster.

  • Where do member sites put the ring navigation code?
    -You can put the ring code on the main (home) page of your site if ALL your site's content consists of Welsh Corgi information.
    -If only PART of your site concerns aircraft then please place the navigation code onto the main (index) page of that section
    -Or, if you have a ring-specific page (the one containing ALL your ring panels) you can put the navigation code there...but this is my least-preferred option! (it makes it hard for ring surfers to find the navigation panel to leave your site).
    -At any time the Ringmaster reserves the right to remove any site from the ring or not admit a site to the ring that does not have the ring code located in an easily accessible location.

  • Can I customize the Ring navigation panel?
    -If the ring your site is a member of uses an image map then there's not really much you can change, the map should be left as-is or there's the possibility it won't work properly.
    -The ring graphic is loaded remotely from the Ringmaster's server, so it's not possible for member sites to change it.
    -On other rings that use tables, you are permitted to alter the table attributes on the Ring navigation panel so that it's complementary with your site's design and colors.
    -The mandatory navigation links that must included are Home/Join, List, Next, Previous and Random.

  • Get the ring navigation code:
    To get the correct customized code for your page login here.

  • If your site is going to be down temporarily:
    -If you have to take your site down for any length of time please log in to ring admin and move your site into the queue so it will not disrupt the ring flow.
    -When your site is ready and on-line again you just need to move your site out of the queue and you'll be a part of the ring again.

  • If your web site URL or e-mail address changes:
    -Please edit your site's details using the log-in form, you don't need to submit your site again.

  • If you want to remove your site from the ring:
    If you no longer wish to be a part of this ring please remove the code fragment from your web page and then log in to ring admin to remove your site. Please do not break the ring for other members.

  • Join this ring:
    STEP 1: Menu link for ring controls - IMPORTANT!

    -If you have more than one web page on your site you MUST have a link to the page containing the ring navigation controls (your registered page) on your site's navigation menu.

    -It is important that a surfer can traverse all sites in the ring comfortably. They COME to your site via the Ring. They also have to LEAVE via the Ring. Therefore you always need to assist them by having a link to the ring controls on ALL your pages.

    -Please don't be put off joining by this requirement, it has benefits for everybody. If you'd like me to advise you how to comply I'd be very happy to assist, just click here to e-mail me!

    STEP 2- Register your site:
    Click here to fill out the form to submit your site, after you submit the form you will receive back an automatic e-mail message containing your registration details and customized ring code fragment.

    STEP 3: Add code fragment/upload page:
    Open your favorite HTML editor and add the customized ring code fragment to your registered page. Upload the new version of your page to your web host.

    STEP 4: E-mail the Ringmaster:
    Click here to send an e-mail to let me know that your site is ready. If the membership conditions have been met and the ring controls are in place I'll admit your site, I'm looking forward to it!

  • What is a web ring?
    -Web rings link sites together that share a common theme, interest or cause.
    -Web rings use ring management software and a ring navigation panel on each participating site that enables visitors to choose various ways of getting around the ring, a typical web ring has links that take you to the NEXT, the PREVIOUS or a RANDOM site in the ring.
    -Beginning at any site in the ring, a visitor can proceed through these links to visit every page in the ring, eventually returning to the site from which they started.
    -Every web ring also has a LIST or HUB page listing all the sites in the ring with a link to and a description of each site.

  • If you'd like to know more about web rings:
    The links below will open in a new window, just close each one to return to this page.
    World of Webrings
    So you want to be a RingMaster?
    James S. Huggins - WebRing FAQ

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Newest Item Offered

    Image hosted by

    Here is the newest offering at Corgi's & Other Critters. There are two versions of this calendar. One has some framing and a little bit of clip art. The other offers full size pictures each month. The picture above is the cover for both calendars. Below is a sample from each one.

    From the version 1 calendar is the month of November. It has just the right bit of humor, I think.

    From version 2 is the month of July. I think the pose is almost like a salute.

    Please let me know what you think and leave a comment.

    I would also like to remind everyone that I will work with you to design your own special items. To see some of the requests I have filled, visit my Special Requests section.