Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Big News For Little Shop

Considering I have been on the revamp things path and really looking at advertising avenues, it was a very nice surprise this past Friday. As my main shop Corgis & Other Critters focuses on both Welsh Corgi breeds, I was asked to donate some items for the 2005 PWCCA National Specialty Volunteer Raffle. I could not have gone out and received better exposure. I have just ordered the items that should be on their way shortly into the hands of the requester. I am also updating my business cards and making a special flyer for the event.

Wonder if you can feel my smile over the 'net waves. I am very happy to help and in turn I hit part of my core audience. Thanks to the new affiliate program that CafePress is developing, I am also looking to help out some dog rescues, particularly the Corgi rescues. As an affiliate, if a rescue group signs up and links to my shop, for every sale I make due to them sending traffic my way...they will get 20%. What makes it even more fantastic, the program is free to sign up as an affiliate. I am in the process of doing some ground work to get started on this new adventure too.

I am also busy working on a project for a friend. So far, she is my biggest "Special Request" customer and it appears my greatest asset in the 'word of mouth' advertising. I may have more work thanks to Paula.

Here is examples of the special PWCCA design I came up with for the event:

Have a great day!

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