Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Newest Products and Designs!

Some more good news coming your way! We have new products to work with and more should be coming out every month or two. Check the side bar on the main page. There you should see a rotating display of new products and some new designs.

I am starting to gear up a bit for Christmas. I have become like the department stores that drive me insane. We have not even had Halloween yet and here I am getting ready for Christmas! I have two different ornaments designed and have plans for some other items.

Please drop me a line or leave a message in my guestbook for any suggestions you want to make. If there is anyone who owns a red/white Pem and a brindle Cardi and wants a Got Corgi Fuzz item, and they let me know about their 'kids.' I am more than willing to put two different butts together if you like the Got Corgi Fuzz design. Just think of the possibilities, having a special product related to your own corgis.

I am in the process of updating all my designs. Please check back to see what changes are made. Hopefully there will be something for any corgi lover to enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Updated Designs-->Soon to be on Products!

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