Monday, October 03, 2005

1st Newsletter Out & Sales Changes

Due to some weird situations, my first newsletter did not go out on my planned timeline. It was my hope to have it out by the end of September and make sure to update my sales section. Things may have taken an extra few days, but the newsletter went out and I updated the sales section. I know I only have a small number of subscribers and hope that the number increases over time.

Why subscribe? Well, my few subscribers are going to find out about a special section I have for them. They also found out about some things I have not discussed here. I have few ideas which are being developed. Once I have a better idea/plan, I will share here. If you are worried about getting hit with a bunch of newsletters, please know I have no plans on sending out a newsletter more than once a month. It took a bit of time to really get this first one put together.

As for other news, I have put some new items up for sale in my sales section. You may notice a new design in there. I have started to add more to my "Got Corgi/Cardi Fuzz?" sections. Right now, I only have one design up on items. I hope to have a few others added this week. Please keep watch as I hope to have all colors of my Corgi butts up with their own fuzzy butt designs.

I am also in the revamping stage. While the colors and basic look of the shop will stay the same, I am trying to implement a new way of shopping my site. It will be more design focused. Hopefully, it will make it easier for shoppers to find something they like much more quickly. I am trying to make these changes behind the scenes and will bring them to the forefront once everything is in place.

Please let me know if you have any question, concerns or suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by,

(For my newsletter subscribers: I caught an error in the last section. You can help CorgiAid earn 20% from my shop by clicking on that banner. Ah to be human...usually I err much more than that! Thank you for subscribing!)

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