Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year -->New Design for Valentine's Day

Welsh Corgi Valentine Rectangle Magnent

Sometimes ideas just come to you and you need to get them out. I had an idea and here is the result with a little help from some great friends. Peggy, thank you for tweaking my message to sound so much better. The links in this message do have affiliate links tied to them so CorgiAid can get 20% of any purchases made through this blog message.

The image is the Welsh Corgi Valentine rectangle magnet available at Corgis & Other Critters shop. Give your loved one a Corgi style Valentine this year. You can be just like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi used in this design...he has lots of love to give to his loved ones.

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Bleimydaus javanensis said...

We LOVE your critter creations! You might love our new blog!