Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Things Occurring

Well, I have been busy working on website details here and for a friend. This work means I was not able to update my Cardigan Welsh Corgi behinds in time for Christmas. I apologize for those who were really looking forward to them this year. I am closer to having them completed. They do not quite look like how I want them too. Once I have them completed, I plan on offering the designs at a discount for one month. If you want to get one, check back in the New Year. I cannot promise when I will get them done and uploaded, so you will just have to check back. I hope to post it in my next newsletter which should come out next month.

Hopefully those who are familiar with my stuff will have noticed my new title bar and menu selections. There is not much to see with my home page, but you will find a variety of items to check out in the other areas. After my home page link is my Corgis & Other Critters shop link. This is my CafePress shop which I offer a variety of designs and photography I have done on different items available for sale.

Next on my menu bar is my Gallery link. I have done some photography events and you can see what I have done for fun and for "work." The Bichon Bash and the Sun Fire Stables links are events I was 'hired' as a photographer. I do not call myself a professional, but plan on getting more education and practice to see where it will take me. My corgi boy, Porter, is in most of the other images in my Gallery.

The next link is to this News Blog. Where I hope you will come for the most recent news for my CafePress shop and now possibly others. I am in the works for checking out another program with some different items offered and possibly some other avenues to bring other Corgi Lovers items that they will enjoy. It will not be all Corgi related--the animal lover in me would not like that.

The last menu link which was added tonight and will be added shortly to the menu bar in this News Blog is for my "Corgis 'n More Store." It is a link that will come up in a new window. It will allow you to shop for my designs that I have available at CafePress and also incorporates some products from other artists and designers I enjoy. There are some great Corgi designs that some of you may never have seen. I wanted a way to show you what is out there besides my designs.

If you have any questions or just want to drop me a line, don't be shy. You can leave a comment here or you can email me at pembrokewcorgi @ (Take out the spaces.) Some more minor changes may still occur as I tweak things. I hope you enjoy the running theme and find something you like for yourself or a loved one.

Thank you for stopping by,

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